Revantha Services Limited

Construction Services

We have vast experience in the construction industry, with a solid team of experts and adequate infrastructure to complete the projects to the client satisfactions for quality, time and economical cost, etc.,

Our construction division has expertise in the following areas:

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Roads and Culverts
  • Agricultural water reservoirs
  • PEB Structures

Industrial Buildings

We have built Textile Mills, Foundries, CNC Machine Shop, Assembly Shop, Clean rooms, Power houses, Boundary walls, ETP & STP tanks, Diesel tank yard, EB Transformer yard, etc., including structural steel fabrication and erection and roof work at all heights

Residential Buildings

Construction of affordable housing, development of luxury apartments and fabulous farm houses, Guest houses, swimming pool, etc., with high quality.

Commercial Complexes

Construction of buildings for commercial purposes in any type of geological conditions

Educational Institutions

Constructions of School and Colleges including Academic Block, Hostel, Library, Laboratory and Basket Ball Courts, etc.,


Construction of Laundry Buildings, etc., ensuring sufficient aeration and ventilation and work flow movement

Roads and Culverts

Experts in laying bitumen roads and culverts for Industries, Residential properties and Commercial Complexes etc.,.Constructing hard surfaces on the existing or formed ground which can carry reasonable loads on them in a secure and safe manner without disturbing the traffic.

Agricultural water reservoirs

Construction of small water bodies in a rainfall catchment area which will be helpful for agriculture purposes for the estates / farm lands.

PEB Structures

Capable of erecting pre – engineered buildings in structural steel to get quality and install in a short span of time